Kindred Spirit Mailbox in Our State Magazine

kindred-spirit-mailbox our state magazineWhen Our State Magazine wanted to interview local author Jacqueline DeGroot and mailbox co-founder Frank Nesmith, they thought it was a great idea. Dates and plans were made for interviews and photo shoots, but everything changed when Tropical Storm Ana hit.

The storm, which was not expected to do much damage to the coast, hit the west end of Sunset Beach and hit where it hurt most. The storm washed away a great deal of the dunes, bent the flagpole, ripped away the flag, and the mailbox and bench that sat in front of it were taken out to sea. Volunteers found the mailbox and bench in a nearby jetty and dragged them back to the area. And more volunteers, headed up by Jacqueline DeGroot, organized a repair effort. All was right again at the mailbox.

Katie Quine from Our State Magazine came back a few weeks later and did the interview, this time on Frank Nesmith’s front porch. Click on the link below to read the article.


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Kindred Spirit Our State Magazine